Nil Travel

The best rest with the best things

  • Period April 2021
  • Role Front-end developer
  • Context New website

What’s project about ?

Did you want to travel somewhen ? Mabe you want to travel to the cold highter mountain for a beautiful view at the end, or mabe to a small warm place to hide from everyone. Wherever you go, you need good equipment for that. Nill Travel is e-comerce store selling equipments for active turism.

Analysis & Workflow

As a Front-end developer i had to find a way to best realize graphical and data-exchange for current e-commerse project.

I choosed to create SPA by Nuxt.js to make fast app that could organize data exchange simple way.

The main challenge was to organize communicate between back-end and front-end parts.

  • Nuxt
  • Vue
  • Gulp

Result of the work

Some work’s images